Printing Inks for Medical Products

Safety is the most important factor in terms of labelling medical products. Therefore, printing inks must be sterilization-resistant and have to follow specified guidelines of sensitive products. Apart from this, ingredients must not immigrate into the human body. 

Medical products are besides disposable syringes, glasses and hearing aids, which can be labelled and decorated by pad printing.

Suitable Ink Systems for Medical Products

TampaStar TPR

  • Solvent-based, glossy 1- or 2-component ink
  • Fast curing and universal application possibilities
  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistances      

TampaPur TPU

  • Solvent-based, high gloss 2-component ink
  • Especially suited for critical substrates
  • Extremely good chemical and mechanical resistances      

MaraProp PP

  • Solvent-based, satin gloss 1-component ink
  • For pre-treated and untreated polypropylene materials
  • Very elastic, fast drying